Wednesday, November 23, 2011

World of Warcraft epicness

I am so happy right now. Im playing a lvl 20 troll hunter and I successfully got both ashtail the rare blue fox, and nix the yellow insect in loch mordan and didn't die going through wetlands to get their. I must have been Hella lucky

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

(Visual kei fever #1) The best make up i ever saw on a man

So visual kei is mainly awesome musicians combined with wild hair, costumes, and make up. Most of the men come off looking like women in the end. For four years of listening and watching these artists i noticed how beautifully done their make up and hair are. So i picked my five favorite styles i hope you think the same.

                                                                1.Shinya (dir en grey)
Most of the time (back in the 90's lol) his make up was elegant now its all natural. Either way he looks beautiful. He looks better than most women. 

                                                                   2. Saga (alice Nine)
He always has eye catching shadow it always looks so pretty.

3. Mana
Every time i see him he looks perfectly done up. So what if it's rare for him to smile. If he looks that good he doesn't have to.

Always on point obviously. Not only is his make up awesome but his hair and nails just emphasize my point.

5. Naoto (exist trance)
Dark, disturbing, and beautiful she is one by far my favorite female j-rock musician.

If you have any favorites show the pics i would love to draw some new.